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OFFICE of TJ MORRIS AGENCY+1-850 376-9100/Skype: tjmorrisetAgent of Service forAMERICAN COMMUNICATIONS ONLINEDirectors for 2020 as of September 2020Theresa J Morris – Founder/CEOSuzanne Wyman-Flynn – Pres- CFO/Treasurer- ACIR Radio – Psychic Network Club  Rich Flynn – President-ACE Folklife Society/ACO Radio ClubDescriptionTJ MORRIS & FRIENDS Networking Group helping each other in our net neutrality freedom of speech motto. Supports authors, publishers, webmasters, eMarketing, editors, journalists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, content managers, and writers of all general purpose ratings. We generate endorsements for professionals who take an active role in advancing social entrepreneurs for the good of the global community. We are Ambassadors of Goodwill sharing small business and philanthropy. We want to know entrepreneurs we can trust. Small Business Owners, Sole Proprietors are Independent Contractors. Theresa is building a community of people online who enjoy communication and collaboration into a future synergistically involved.American Communications Online – ACO Holding CompanyTJ Morris Agency – Service Company – Guides;DetailsIndustry
Publishing Platform – Educational Entertainment – Spiritual Science Community JournalsBroadcast Media, News, Publishing, Reports,ResearchLocationGulf Breeze, Florida, United StatesDiscoverabilityListed groupCreatedJun 2010RulesACO Association ACO Network Media Partners Event Planning Marketing Plan- We ask all members to submit an Executive Summary of their Groups event plan or desire to share in co-creation in written form for volunteers in our groups who share social media similar interests. ACO Network Media Partners is the management team and TJ Morris Agency is the business agency for the Made in USA Brands ACO and ACE FOLKLIFE Historians Team E Brand Logo for display of our sponsored team’s events. ACO and Ascension Center Organizers as Event & Retreat Professionals share this survey at all events, functions, expos, symposiums ACO Network Media Partners Professional Friends EVENT SURVEY 1. Place of residence: City___________________________________________ State_______________ Zip Code_________ Country________________________________________ (if international) 2. Check one: □ First time to visit ACO Events □ First time to visit Stargate to the Cosmos? _____ □ 3. Your Age: ________________ 4. Gender: □ male □female 5. Occupation (please specify):OFFICE of TJ MORRIS AGENCYAgent of Service forAMERICAN COMMUNICATIONS ONLINE

Theresa J Morris


Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris

Author, Director, Producer, Entrepreneur

Psychic Intuitive Consultant

ACE Folklife – ACO Club

ACO -UFO Historian – Archivist

Tarot Reader – Spiritual Life COach

Email me:

Suzanne Wyman-Flynn

Membership Chairperson

Suzanne is a psychic consultant/dream interpretor and has over 36 years as an entrepreneur. Suzanne is an indepdendent contractor and a UAP.Associate who assists us with our various associations and groups in ACO Event Managers. She is best known as the Best Party Psychic Ever. in California, USA. Email me:

Rich Flynn

President ACE Folklife Association/ ACO Radio Club


Rich Flynn, Artist of California has over 30 years experience in business management as a sole owner of his and his Uncle’s Artwork businesses.

Email me:



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UFO Association

Allied Command Organization as ACO UFO Association is now sharing UAP. Associates. ACO Club is sharing UFO and UAP blogs and ezines. APRO, NICAP are now only open source archives with various Ufologists who own various private libraries. It is our intention to share those who consider themselves citizen journalists, with those who are veterans in our Armed Forces and all branches as well as, our prior government service providers, law enforcement, and first responders. We have combined our social media groups online to be in working virtual relationships. UAP. Associates can now share information as peers.



Jan Aldrich

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Ph.D.

Jan Maccabee

Theresa J Thurmond Morris

HISTORY UNFOLDED FROM 1974. Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish Bowers was born January 27, 1974. Thomas R Morris was born May 16, 1959. My Grandmother Sara Esther Bolton was born Feb 6, 1909. My mother Theresa Mae Bolton was born December 5, 1932. My father was born February 13, 1931.

My history with those I know in social media has become a virtual presence. We share on Facebook to notice each other from time to time.

However, I have been doing radio since June 2012.  Before that, I was writing for UFO Digest in Canada Since August 2007.

My first husband worked at NASA and began in 1968. Out first daughter was born March 25, 1968,

The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) was an UFO research group started in January 1952 by Jim and Coral Lorenzen, of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.[1]

The group was based in Tucson, Arizona after 1960. APRO had many state branches, it remained active until late 1988.

APRO stressed scientific field investigations, and had a large staff of consulting Ph.D. scientists. A notable example was Dr. James E. McDonald of the University of Arizona, a well-known atmospheric physicist, and perhaps the leading scientific UFO researcher of his time. Another was Dr. James Harder of the University of California, Berkeley, a civil and hydraulic engineering professor, who acted as director of research from 1969-1982. McDonald and Harder were among six scientists who testified about UFOs before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science and Astronautics on July 29, 1968, when they sponsored a one-day symposium on the subject.[2]

Astronomer J. Allen Hynek cited APRO and NICAP as the two best civilian UFO groups of their time, consisting largely of sober, serious minded people capable of valuable contributions to the subject.[3]

In 1969, a sizable portion of APRO’s membership elected to form a new group named the “Midwest UFO Network”; this soon expanded and became the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), still active today.


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