Happy Birthday Janet Lessin

Janet Lessin and Janette Morris

Janet Lynn Thompson Lessin, of Maui, Hawaii has been my best friend forever (BFF) since about 1994 when we first met at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel in Oahu, Hawaii.

She was new to the island and had arrived sometime in October 1993 from my best recollection.

I was in a wonderful place of sharing various groups in person as a psychic medium and the CEO of Psychic Network. I was in Spiritual World Network and went to share Your Spiritual Center with Richard Higashida and others who were in our spiritual metaphysical sharing channeling and the stargate program. We shared consciousness, sub-consciousness, hypnosis, channeling training, spiritual paths and books, events, psychic fairs.

1993 was a great creation year for me and I was added to the Artists of Hawaii hanging art at the Zoo area and selling art at the Aloha Stadium. I also had pogs made and these were collectors’ items.

Janet was introduced to me on a Sunday and a woman introduced her to me as someone new to the island and was interested in our spiritual community.

The woman asked if I would mind helping if she introduced her to me. I suspect it was mainly because I was a Haoli and so was Janet. Few of us coming to the local spiritual community at the time. Many Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiians, and Samoans one might say of the browning of the Americas by skin tone in those days.    (Janet can rewrite this explanation to be politically correct).

From the meeting Janet was pretty and a petite blond-haired person and seemed quiet and shy and would need to be introduced to our various clubs and groups in our meeting nights and to see what her interests in expanding her spiritual path would be.

I was a leader in the community and founder of Psychic Network, and we were having various meetings at the hotel. We also had filmed for India and now were planning a large Psychic Fair. Robin a psychic friend of mine had the psychic business down in Waikiki where she had about eight large cobra backed wicker chairs and a small table in front to match where her readers performed psychic readings for tourists. Her location was close to the eateries like a cantina walled in alley way back to behind the rows of shops and hotels on the Main Street of Waikiki.

Janet later appeared there speaking to Robin and I was introduced a second time to Janet by my good friend Robin. Robin and I later went to People Synergistically Involved together and we made it up to the $5K charged final classes or workshops in California at the ranch for the original founder of the not-for-profit organization, People Synergistically Involved and it was great for entrepreneurs for networking. I later went to the Hilton Long Beach for another large $2500 or $5 K costing weekend for businesses and entrepreneurs and did not see Janet but learned when I returned that she would be going to the meeting for table tapping and seeing the channeler who did bring in Sherlock Holmes as a writer or (I forgot who Alfonso or what ever his name was channeled here Janet).  (Janet who was Arthur Pachinko or something?)

You can tell that apart from our social networking part of our introduction to our own spiritual paths on the islands, okay?

Janet was asked to attend an after-party meeting at a woman’s home and Janet did ride with a woman either in a Jaguar or me on either the same night or separate nights, but I had a Cadillac. There was some confusion as to who would ride in the Jaguar which was parked behind me and finally it was filled and I though Janet was scurried into the back of my Cadillac. I was seeing her in the rear-view mirrors as one who still was not sure of where she was going and what she was doing with this group of people.

As we arrived at our destination to continue our meetings as smaller groups one of the women as we all walked in about 5 of us together with those who again parked the Jaguar behind my Cadillac, we all began introducing ourselves again to the host and one woman pulled Janet to the side and I was standing with he other women when one woman said this is her, Janet who is new in our group and wants to learn where she fits into our community. One of the women reached for Janet and tool her to the side room and we were all talking and then some of us were asked to leave and Janet was left in the room with a woman who was speaking about taking out an implant or something in Janet’s ear. I am not sure if Janet had spoken about this before or was a question with her ET story of a UFO coming and abducting her and her boyfriend down from some high-rise apartments in the downtown area or behind the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Janet will have to tell this part of her story. I worked as a psychic medium and did tarot readings at all the bookstores. We had at least three psychic book type sales of books with crystals and other goods at these New Age Book Stores.  

One of the Chinese women I met was opening Sedona’s for the first time in Ward Center a mall.

I was one of the first psychics she booked there, and I was already working two more on weekends.

I later learned that I would be transferred back to the mainland because I was needed on a mission, or a Men in Black operation or Project and my husband now deceased had been in on the planning with the Navy intelligence community. I had been an investigator paid as a professional before as a Private Investigator, and been a Legal Investigator, before I worked with Record Data TRW in Lake County, Illinois outside of the U.S. Navy facility in Great Lakes, Illinois before moving to Honolulu, Hawaii where I was assigned to NAVFACPACENGCOM and then PWC Pearl Harbor in personnel and information security. My past training certificates from Illinois were in security and personnel information and this was a good fit for writing reports.

My psychic abilities were tweaked by two ladies who ran the Aquarian Age Book Store near Rice University in Houston, Texas. The woman happened to own the store and her sone was John Gray the author of Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. I learned a lot in 1984 and Stephen Halpern met me at a golden pyramid that year at Unity Church. I was ordained into Unity that session and had a laying on of hands and a prayer. I became a New Age Minister for Unity Universal Life Pastors for the Ascension Age or Age of Aquarius approaching us and we celebrated with the Powers of Light and the 9 11 in 1987.

Janet and I are going to look at our past lives and our spiritual paths and put some synchronicities in a few small workbooks or tablets to share on assorted topics like our spiritual path near death experiences and our ET Contact experiences. We are working on our own life stories and our own Men in Black stories with a few others in our writing team project for ACO Club and ACE Folklife in 2022.

Janet Lessin and I will celebrate 10 years together in radio shows and blogs as of June 2022. Happy Birthday Janet, My BFF turned 68 years today. This is her simple chapter introduction to our future as a writing club.



ACO Association International begins with 2022.

We have to reorganize in 2022 to save money on our publishing cost in digital networking for our members. We have now decided on our project managers who are actually volunteers in our various author’s club online. Our book club decides on our own round robin writing classes.

We also decide on what topics to research in each library meeting in the United States.

We were meeting in Bowling Green with Barry Gaunt when we separated the MUFON Star Team.

We also meet with Jan Aldrich with the Project 1947 but Jan due to the present travel arrangements has only been able to travel occasionally with Barry Greenwood. We now have another person helping us with our UFO file scanning.

The Library in New Mexico has agreed to archive our old paper trails which some of the older libraries of UFO Archivists in Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), has met in and around Chicago, Illinois and we began having oral archives with Jan Aldrich. He and I are hoping to continue since the loss of his sister Susan who was my age 70 years. Jan himself is a cancer survivor and in remission for throat cancer. Jan is using his time left on earth to pursue his passion in keeping with all of us who found CUFOS.

We still will do oral reports on radio since it is the easiest way to tape peoples life stories. My mother’s legacy for being one of the family founders for our ACE FOlklife Historical Society is, “We are the author’s of our own life stories!” This is the motto and mantra for all who join us in our autobiography, and biography writing.

Some of us have ventured off into the supernatural telling of our stories because we are dealing with the unknown realms of consciousness.

We have supernatural, paranormal groups, and of course our sciencefiction and fantawsy genres.

We will continue to grow our membership for writers or soon to be INDY AUTHORS. We accept traditional published books and vanity press books, however, we specialize in independent authors and consultants in the digital marketing industry.

Our new projects are to build our hash tags in our own chosen fileds of expertises which we research and train the trainers to make sure our people cite their sources due to the training I got from Stanton T. Friedman who prided himself in training us how he wanted to share our project.

Stanton T. Friedman was the first to join me in my UFO Association in 2006 inside our ACE Folklife Historical Society of Orators and Authors. He had tapes but only had a book out before he met me with Don Berliner. It was Don Berliner who got me started talking on the phone to him about people and books. It’ss a long story that goes back to when I first met Stanton T Friedman in 1975-6 time frame. I actually did not meet J. Allen Hynek until 1985 as far as I can remember once I reutrned from South Africa in 1984.

The rest is history and it will take too long to write the history of how I know Stanton T. Friedman and J. Allen Hynek and why!