Alienology History

When I began using two words Alienology and Alientology I was not certain which word would be best to use in my own research.

Looking for my own way of writing and archiving has been halted in the past. However, I am always carrying the torch for our UFO Association. ACO Club is only one part of our interest.

Proving that aliens exist was not part of my life until I met J. Allen Hynek 1985-1986. This was a turning point in my life. I had been approached to continue his work. I was not sure how to take the meeting. We met 2 places. Once on Lowry Air Force Base in Denver, Colorado and again in

a jet plane. I was told of my Q clearance and I was a contractor. I was an investigator and an optimist with prior stories of ET experiences.

I am an archivist, author, historian, journailist, with prior military experience. My observations as a journalist was halted once I met J. Allem Hynek.

My story is my perception of the truth of my own personal observations as an experiencer.

In the time I have been on earth in this particular lifetime, has given me several levels of reality

in comparisonn with other humanoid sentient intelligent beings.

My narrative was joined with topics and categories as one with an analytic mind.

My stories in the past was based on the life I was experiencing at the time.

People will be able to find a trail of stories which had me in a quandry about how to think.

How to be myself while learning to live with paranormal episodes while still living a life as a writer.

Alien Contact Organization was a business I began officially on my radio show in 2015. It involved brining other people on to interview with stories dealing with alien stories as alien abductes, contactees, and experiencers. All stories could be share in writing however, we began archiving on various radio shows so many stories have been lost. I left stories up to others to record and then learned that when one m an died in 2019 that the stories I made in Cosmos Connection on Revolution Radio were not kept. I was told they were kept and put on CD’s at the end of the year.

When the owner Mike Ringley passed away, I was told by the volunteer radio station manager, Thomas Reuben Becker, that he had no idea or access to Mike RIngley’s computer files. That he and a few other people who were volunteers would do their best to keep the model up online with shoutcast which Mike Ringley had began putting on his own websites.

Therefore, all work for all those years may be recorded by others but I personally did not keedp copies. Janet Kira Lessin of Maui, Hawaii did save many she and I were doing. However, I had no idea what stories she kep of other alien contactee interviews.