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The future of our solutions to our problems for divine beings communicate to humans.

It is possible there are real beings who have higher intelligence than we?

We know we are not alone in the unverse. We are being guided and steered to a new horizon.

We have to have belief and faith in things we cannot see, hear, touch, taste, smell, or our 5 senses.

There are many types of training and research. We do both. Training is repitition and we can help others to participate in training with repitition to show others your commitment to change.


Pass the word we are beginning our busiest time of year in radio shows.

American Communications Online

Part Time Radio

Administrative Assistant: Client Care, Contracts, & Marketing Gulf Breeze, FL $24K – $59K (Glassdoor est.) Easy Apply!

 Compensation & Benefits:

N/A Culture & Values:

 N/A Career Opportunities: N/A Work/Life Balance:

N/A Job & Company Insights Job Type: Part-time Job Function: Radio Estate Assistant Industry: N/A Size: N/A An assistant to Radio Hosts & Ezines for a fast-paced office in Gulf Breeze, Fl.

American Communications Online

ACO Radio, ACIR Radio, TJ Morris ET Radio Channels

TJ Morris Agency –

American Communications Online

20 hours per week, hours will vary, must be flexible, some weekends required.

Employer will conduct background check, drug test, and reference check.

Radio Administrative Assistant


• Greeting Clients, answering the telephone and making follow-up calls.

• Preparing radio hosts photo, biography, talking points forms and documents.

• Ordering supplies and preparing and distributing marketing materials.

• Maintaining electronic and paper filing systems.

• Reviewing and updating all pending and active property files.

• Generating property flyers for all active properties.

• Checking emails on a continual basis.

• Preparing listing materials and posting property listings.

• Managing a client database and preparing reports.

• Assisting with closing processes.

• Create emails, newsletters and post cards as needed.

• Additional responsibilities will be discussed during interview.

 Real Estate Assistant Requirements:

 • High school diploma/GED. • Two years’ experience in an administrative capacity.

 • Previous experience in the radio marketing, ezines and our rental a real estate industry is preferred.

 • Honest communication skills, both verbal and written.

 • Able to interact with clients professionally and deliver excellent customer service skills.

 • Strong numeracy and organizational skills.

• Critical thinking and critical thinking skills.

 • Driven by to-do lists and able to follow upon items until completion.

• Strong mindfulness.

 • Must have reliable transportation and able to run errands if required.

• Proficiency in working with a Windows, HP, Mac computer and coordinating program

• Must be proficient with modern technology and business management software such as:

 Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Pages, Numbers, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Google Business Apps, Adobe Suite (Would be great!), and be able to quickly learn any new software that will be necessary to the business.

• An eye for graphic design with ability to create and edit marketing materials. Digital Marketing background preferred.

Job Type: Part-time – As Required in Hawaii we use Pacific Time and Radio Shows Timing based on Eastern Time.

Florida Panhandle -Gulf Breeze – Office Hours 11 AM to 7 PM (Go by Pacific Coast 9 AM to 5 PM) Pay: $15.00 – $16.00 per hour part time.

If web developer-graphic designer jobs $25.00 per hour. Schedule: • Monday to Friday • Weekends – Radio Show times

On Call COVID-19 considerations:

Our office is small with very limited personal interaction with others.

 Remote Radio Administrative Jobs based on IF you can Oversee a PRO Board C-Panel- Blog Talk Radio Studio Experience:

• Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)

• Radio Show Co-Hosting – with Radio Panel

  • Ads Mp4 creation

• Spreaker –uploading radio shows and making pages

• GoDaddy – website editor on our magazines

• Social Media including Linked In, Facebook, Twitter -Groups

License/Certification: Federal Communications (Preferred) Clear Background Check for doing Public Relations and Confidential Reports

• Driver’s License (Preferred)

• Real Estate License (Preferred) Work Location:

• One location Hours per week: • 20-29 Typical start time:

• 1PM Typical end time:

• 6PM Work Remotely:

• We are Independent Authors, Consultants, Radio Show Producers.

  • Research & Development
  • Friendly associates share project management for clients.
  • Online creations responding to your own personal needs for your company. Business -to- business
  • Business to Customer/Client.

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