Theory for UAP July 4th 2021

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Flying around other universes may be more common than we know!”

UFOS are real.

UAPS are real.

Now, in this reality we know too many are reported seen.

It is time the great builders of this cosmos allow us to know!

What do we really know?

 ET is real and UFOs and UAPs are real in all universal thought.


It has always been known!

Do your own research!

Watch the sky day or night.

Study the history of all of us?

We are an interesting bunch of homos sapiens known to exist on only one planet.


do we just think that we are only on 1 planet in space?

 Our home planet evolves around the sun in our own solar system we claim as home.


so, we are taught to believe.

This solar system is housed or contained in the outer arm and edge of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our home in the Milky Way Galaxy is in the outer quadrant of a score of infinite universes.

For this reason, we are strategically placed for those who bother to check into our quadrant.

Ascension Masters have experienced life after death.

We know what the Ascended Masters were teaching and why!

To grow our future for all of the expanse through unity in all and others!

It will become familiar to others in the future that we are all compared to others in this universe.

Infinite Universes

Infinite Universe Architects and Designers allow us to learn as we grow.

 We grow more contented and useful as we meet our own needs then transfer energy to others.

 We stay the course in chaos we bring balance.

 Travel and see the world!

Be curious and learn about you and your habitat!

We are a relatively young space force on planet earth.

Training one world to speak and adopt 1 language again.

Our future species as units to begin exploring the frontier of space!

We must all learn to accept each other.

Learn to communicate once again!

Space language is up to us who begin using people in space.

American English is spoken more for business and now.

Space technology and space travel.

Learn of other planets compared to most in the universes.

Become more than you are today!

This initial understanding of surviving as one species has been accepted into being at a higher level in space.


Curious about the expanse and the summit of it all!

We are individual components of a larger network of energy and gravity binds us.

Individual life force units are seeded here.

We are each a divine spark of the infinity spirit of all creations!

Grown to house what is lacking in many other worlds similar to our own.

We as a humanoid sentient intelligent being species have been weaponized as individuals.

We are all humanoids with intuitive imaginations.

 Our co-creators invested this curiosity and imagination in

Us all to instill in others who come after us to learn.

This one trait is an admirable one in the course and scope of all universes which travel and expand.

We go now in the vast knowing of a set of dark matter.

We venture in and out of wormholes.

Why will we use wormholes in space?

To obtain a shorter trip from galaxy to the next in our universes.

Vast universes arrive in various locations in the larger ocean of existence in the expanse.

We all know that we as a species of creatures on planet earth have always been visited.

July 4, 2021, we gratefully express freedom as humanoids of USA.

Also due to our July 4th Alien movie, we also celebrate our original hybrid ET origin!

Unity and freedom!

We humbly accept and present the truth,

Truth which is housed deep down in all our

RNA and DNA programming.

We keep our neutrons, protons, and electrons, spinning around in

gravity held in meat and electric suits.

How and why is this possible to all be separate?

Who made the decision for us all to be free of each other?

Is there something or someone who is our custodian or

Plural custodians?

There must be truly messengers of the divine spirit.

All seems to be based on simplicity of science.

Hydrogen, oxygen, all the elements we find in nature.

But is that all there is? We know there are others in space.

The stories we are guarded from in history share those above.

Some were more compassionate than others.

We find this to be true in all species.

This could be the answer to all wars among our species.

Unidentified Flying Objects as UFOs are real.

Unidentified aerial phenomena are also real.

What began as a story in our past of flying saucers is now.

In the Ascension Age for truthseekers.

Unidentified anomalous phenomena is also a description for

all things we do not understand including ghost and


This is the ET Theory we are all discussing about our space.

Families in other planets, galaxies, universes, dimensions

Realms, and planes of existence in all areas of the dark matter.

We are only a component of parts?

What happens when we die and leave our bodies?  

In another way of thinking we are never apart on one planet in space.

All our destinies are bound together by gravity and rotation.

We as ET hybrids cannot explain our own existence. 

But ET spirits of the ascension age proclaim our knowing.

 of our spirit and soul.

We all have another part of us as a soul.

What soul and which belongs to various other agents in space?

Some say the Custodians and Angels as Messengers on visit those who believe in all mighty as God!

Which God and Goddess and why?

Some do not believe in an original divine being or beings.

On our world we have always taught of the divine in the sky.

Smarter and with technology to fly in space.

We accept that it is possible we are not alone in this universe.

The divine in us all allows us the comforter when we are ready to accept.

This is a joining of the return to accepting the divine once of age on earth.

A contagious spark of the divine into a contained for spirit we call a body.

The soul which is a spark of the divine in infinite intelligence

has a guidance system to your own destination as a spirit to a body.

Original soul in the highest form above the oversoul of conscious obtainment in containment we call “I” or “ME”.

A divine beginning is obvious to most divine ET bred souls.

Co-creators are much older and wiser and came before our

spark was lifted from the gulf of souls in another place in a

realm that is a real dimension.

That realm, dimension, plane is outside this cosmos of all universal orders.

This place of souls in space is at a much different level of knowing.

Our divine will be housed in an original spirit with sparks creating divine separate souls.

We, as common mundane humans once were not allowed to.  

fathom encasing.

 The ET that we all truly are in whole is actually in two places.

We can exist in our physical body-mind-spirits and have an

attachment to soul in space.

We exist as inside our own human existence is vast!

We are co-creators who were co-created by others.

 who had the ability to locate and find this place in space?

 we call this place in space home as a planet.

Those who believe in reincarnation and past lives have memories of their origin soul.

The divine will with our over soul can send down with the divine creator our free will.

Our Freewill is the souls heart part of our guiding force.

A part of spirit of the “ALL I AM” as 1 spark, 1 spirit to play out in 1 lifetime in this reality.

This reality is divided up into various dimensions planes,

realms, including awake, dream state, lucid dreaming, and

connection through source as out of body travel in various

beings to share and observe as researchers of all that has.

been co-created.


become the scribes of history on earth. For purposes that

allow us free will while in this abode to observe and

participate in life. We are in a body for a short while to learn.

about our senses. A sentence of security for most as our own

freewill captured inside something we seem too not be able to

escape until what we call death. A Transition from one place

to the next is life and how time passes. We here on

earth must learn to celebrate. We celebrate Independence.

Day as the 4th of July in the United States of America.

This also has become a celebration of our freedom for all.

those who believe in the “Ancient Astronaut Theory.”

 – We like celebrations of freedom in space and on planet earth.

We are the authors of our own life stories.

Prepare for the rest of your spiritual journey home while.

learning more about you and how we recall.

our own past lives maybe not just on earth but on other

planets, in other solar systems, in other galaxies, in other


in other expanses of not only the local critical mass mind but

the future of many other imagined expanses.

We must now all learn to think above and beyond our own.

existence to reciprocate for our own procreation.

We are a part of something much more divine than we can

imagine at this time but as we grow.

older and wiser with demonstrating our caring for our own

humankind on one planet, we all.

will summon our own huge understanding as to the meaning

of wisdom and why we are here as a soul.

Happy July 4th from UAP. Associates.

We are monitored by those above for our growth and thoughts.

The deities of Ennead 9,

Galaxy Command,

Supreme Council ET,

Supreme High Council

in 7 levels of magnitude.

 American Communications Online

Amalgamation of the Galaxy Federation

will now commence!

Prepare and open your Minds.

to the Force within and without as the same!

We continue to monitor, observe, and protect!

We know each of our units which is a part of the one sentient

intelligent being species resilient as ever!

Due to the future of

less humanoids on the planet earth we will teach you how to

prepare for your future of less inhabitants.

The next 20 years

is important to adapt and overcome diversities of the planet’s

environmental changes.

Engineers find your psychic intuition to assist you in building the future in space.

Recognize you as a species are not alone in space and we

monitor your advancements and exposure to space.

Awaken to your own future reality as now!

We can help in your pursuit of the future and the grid.

Find beauty in nature and all that is living in animal, plant,

 mineral, humanoid creatures who are the custodians.

 Enjoy being folding beauty before each and all! Humanoid

species as creatures are mostly water and need clean water!

Keep in Clean America! Keep it clean all nations! We above

know your inner thoughts! You want to know more and are

curious about the expanse.

Take care of your world and you!

Learn in the future how you will be allowed to visit others!

We enjoy security and peace it offers all!

We report to those above!

Some above in our history became tired of the newer souls in

humanoid beings. They ordered many to be gone.

Some were ordered to be done away with but some of the

beings in our outer worlds and dimensions wanted to save our kind.

 TJ Morris ET Radio Talk Shows on authors of spiritual science,

and the arts of humanity! ACIR Reports ACIR Allied Command

Intergalactic Relations Psychic Force by intelligent design! ACO

Magazines is also “US in USA”.

TJ Morris Publishing, TJ Morris is an ACE Life Coach and

Trainer as a Pastor. Intuitive Guidance Tarot Reading Life

Planning ACE Folklife Society Historical Society and Artisans


ACO Summit!

 1: top, apex especially: the highest point: peak.

2: the topmost level attainable the summit of human fame.

3a: the highest level of officials especially the diplomatic level

of heads of government. b: a conference of highest-level

officials (such as heads of government) an economic summit.






A Project

Be a team player and commit weekly to a goal!

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