Spiritual & Eco Tourism

Due to the times in 2021, many of my ACO Event Managers of our ACO Association are explaining the times and inflation on the U.S. Economy.

We in the United States of American do affect the entire planet as we are the custodiam race of humanoids.

I am asking for those of you who have a business in assisting us learn more about our planet to allow me to know who you are.

You can share with me as a Business 2 Business on Linkedin.com/tjmorrisagency

or email me at director@uap.associates.

Ecotourism has emerged as an important economic activity in the region which includes trekking, mountaineering, river rafting and other nature oriented activities.[23] An estimated 351,000 tourists visited Sikkim in 2007, generating revenue of about Rs 50 crores (Rs 500 millions)

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