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MAR 19, 2021 AT 4:34 PMUnlockedLife Coach Agreement

Please look at our ACO Club Agreement for both clients and practitioners.

TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris MinistriesPsychic University – Psychic Channel Network – Psychic Readings Online- Virtual EventsMinimum of $25.00 to sign up as an Associate Practitioner in Integrative Medicines for our Meditation Consulting with the Kriya Yoga Cobra Breath, and Life Coaching and Planning.We choose to form an alliance and to share in knowing who we can trust in our circle of friends.Client Name: ___________________________________________________This agreement, between coach _______________________ and the above-named client will begin on _________________ and will continue for a period.of ___________ months ending on _____________________.InvestmentThere is no fee for the initial meeting and the investment for the ensuing meetings are charged by the hour, one on one, panel discussion, group meetings, workshops, or events online.Based upon the type of consult or reading and amount of time being charged for by the hour is based on minutes of the hour for readings and by the minimum hour for consultants paid in advance in U.S. Currency. We assist entrepreneurs in building small businesses online with our support and prior usage of various software packages and other outside resources.We prefer monthly payments into our PayPal account for accounting purposes. Our services as psychic readings time charged goes into and our Books, ebooks, and products in our store will go into our account.$________________. These fees will be paid in advance of the sessions, or on a monthly basis at the discretion of the coach.Alternatively, this is a ____________ session package for a period of _______ weeks for __________ minutes per session.Additional appointments can be scheduled as needed.Our normal monthly packages are beginning on the 1st of the month following.Four (4) weeks are not enough to set up for good habits therefore our minimum sign up in our shared hosting and business panel is six to eight weeks. Most of our classes in the past held meetings for 8 weeks before a certificate was given in a specialty class at Levels 1, 2 or 3 with 4 quarters in a year much like standard spring and fall semesters in most community colleges.We supply information which we ourselves have learned that works for us in cyberspace culture.We hope that ¼ of the year as 90 days is the trial, and we allow 1 year trial for our neophytes in our Invisible College and Psychic UniversityIf you need to cancel an appointment, please provide at least 24 hours’ notice or you will be charged for the appointment.ServicesThe services to be provided by the coach to the client are online, face-to-face or telephone coaching, as agreed jointly with the client. Coaching may address specific personal struggles, business issues, or general conditions in the client’s life or profession. Other coaching services include value clarification, brainstorming, identifying plans of action, examining modes of operation in life, asking clarifying questions, and making empowering requests or suggestions for action. Additionally, the client may be asked to reflect on difficult topics or situations which may result in an expression of emotions.Throughout the working relationship, the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations. The client understands that successful coaching requires a co-active collaborative approach between client and coach. In the coaching relationship, the coach plays the role of a facilitator of change, but it is the client’s responsibility to enact or bring about the change.If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate this with the coach as soon as possible and the coaching strategy will be restructured to address the client’s desired outcome of coaching.You are very much encouraged to talk more with the coach as to receive a better understanding of what coaching is about and how to get the most out of it.Prior HistoryWe are register Clergy with Universal Life Church and Ordained Ministers.We also are certified in the Ascension Center Psychic Awakening Awareness of Self Actualized.We process the 7 vices as 7 virtues.Our ways of teaching are as Ascension Masters and we do confer with the Ascended Masters.We share ancient wisdom and new thought teachings.Our clients also agree to disclose details of the past or present psychological or psychiatric treatment. Coaching and counselling are not the same. Likewise, therapy and other modes of professional or medical psychological examination shall not be considered equivalent to coaching.We are not registered psychologist or psychiatrist, nor licensed therapists but Life Coaches and Clergy.We do not engage in therapy with coaching clients but do consult as clergy and psychic readers.. In entering into the coaching relationship, and signing the agreement, you are agreeing that if any mental health difficulties arise during the course of the coaching relationship, you will notify me immediately so that I can discuss with you an appropriate referral.Confidentiality All information about the coach/client relationship will remain strictly confidential except in very rare circumstances were decreed by law, ie. where the court might issue a subpoena for the file or information.If you wish for me as your coach to speak to someone outside our interactions, you need to give me written permission (original letter, fax, or email) to do so. Exceptions to confidentiality of course relate to circumstances such as intent to seriously harm someone, child abuse, thoughts of suicide etc. Otherwise, all remaining information is kept confidential.It is also important to note that in some situations, it is important to be aware of the use of technology in that for some clients, there is a risk in using certain media such as the internet, mobile phones and cordless phones. If you use these to communicate with us, then we will assume that it is appropriate to continue to do so in our interactions with you.TerminationThe client has the option to terminate the coaching agreement within (3) days of signing the contract and will receive a refund on all payments. Otherwise, the client agrees to coaching for the duration of the contracted period.Our signatures on this agreement indicate full understanding of the agreement with the information outlined above.___________________________________________Coaching Client Date___________________________________________Personal Coach Date_____________________________________Witness Company Agent – ACO Club Director on File Who verified both parties in this agreement.Release of LiabilityLife Coaching is a service that provides personal coaching to specific individuals and/or groups. The client is aware that coaching is in no way to be construed or substituted as psychological counselling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. I will at all times exercise my best professional efforts, skills, and care of ensuring my client is coached to meet their life coaching goals, the client understands and acknowledges the coach will not be liable legally or otherwise, for the actions the client may or may not undertake as a result of the life coaching sessions. No assumption of responsibility is made, or given, and the client requesting such advice agrees not to hold TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris or associates (Provider) responsible or liable in any form or fashion, for such actions taken of their own accord. The method and process by which this advice and direction are given in no manner whatsoever, written or verbal, constitutes an agreement or liability on the part of the provider and is acknowledged to be different in many ways than clinical and medical counselling.You (the client) agree that using any of these life coaching services are entirely at your own risk. Life coaching services are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranty for information services, coaching, uninterrupted access, or products and services provided through or in connection with the service.This service is requested at the client’s own choice and with inherent singular responsibility. Any actions or lack of actions, taken by the client of such advice is done so solely by choice and responsibility of the client and is neither the responsibility nor liability of TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris Ministries (Provider). The client takes full responsibility in the decisions they make after being coached as well as the consequences. The client enters into coaching with full understanding that they are responsible for creating their own results. Periodically I, Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris Ministries, UAP.Associates, may provide links to other web sites or written print material which may be of value, interest, and convenience to you. This does not constitute endorsement of material at those sites or any associated organization product of service. It is the responsibility of the user to make their own informed decision about the accuracy of the information at those sites and print material including their privacy policies. In no event shall Theresa J Morris, TJ Morris Agency, American Communications Online, Theresa J Morris Ministries, UAP.Associates I (Provider) be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from use of the material.___________________________________________Coaching Client_______________________________________DateCOACH______________________________________Ascension Center Organization (ACO)Theresa J Morris,    TJ Morris Agency, com, http://theresajmorris.comAddress: 3406 Green Briar Ct., Apt A, Gulf Breeze, FL 32563-1822Websites:, ,Businesses: TJ Morris AgencyUAP. AssociatesAmerican Communications Online.com exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3) are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, and preventing cruelty to children or animals. The term charitable is used in its generally accepted legal sense and includes relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancement of religion; advancement of education or science; erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments, or works; lessening the burdens of government; lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.  
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