Looking at UFOs Internationally

We are discussing ACO UFO International Historians, Libraries, and what country has their own UFO Files.


Jan Aldrich and Barry Greenwood shares our list in USA

America has troops all overland and make UFO Sightings. Americans working out of country do make reports on UFOS/UFOS.

We are looking at how most countries want a copy of reports.

American troops in Australia, and England are making reports.

U.S. British troops are known to work with our points of contact.

Australian UFO Association case files and Americans do file in UFO Report forms.

U.S. Troops filed in Australia while flying planes over Australia.

During Viet Nam War and Korean War some UFO cases are just coming out.

The First Marine Air Wing in Korea would put out a summary every week in Korea

so the weekly summary came out and had UFOs were one of the categories.

This has just been released – 1st Marine Air Wing are also in Bluebook. But some are not.

Dr. David Clark in England works with National Archives available for British material.

Just like most files in the U.S. government some files are now available on Project 1947.

Jan Aldrich and Barry Greenwood are both Ufologists, Historians, Veterans who have begun this

UAP. Associates archivists, historians, librarians, scanners request needed.

We are hoping to list our Volunteers who will assist around the world. Prior military service helpful.

Other government agencies in Bluebook and elsewhere are welcome to assist us in networking.

Alienology, Cosmology, History, Ufology are all welcome to learn our Train the Trainer online.

We will do our best to NETWORK the ENTIRE WORLD for our historical archiving volunteers needed.

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