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Secret Space Wars Ascension Age

I have returned after the Secret Space Wars of the Asension Age.

The wars are great and only the strongest Spiritual Warriors are surviving.

I never thought that women as females in human form would have to fight at the age of 69 years.

The fact that I was activated again at my age allows all to know on planet earth that times are changing and we all have to be ready as a soul as a carbon nased unit to fight!

Yes- FIGHT as in fight for your life and soul!

Even thought in this reality I am 5/11″ and 236. lbs. and only 69 earth years old, I was called to fight and did though I was slower.

My Crew as the faithful to those of the Knights of the Round Table and all that have survived with THOTH, who have read the Emeral Tablets are called to this reality in 2021.

We are they with the training of intellectual thoughts but more importantly, we are aware of our intuitive thoughts!

This is what is keeping this reality and this time line in effect at this time on earth!

Most of you who read this will know there is no time in space or space time and yet the GRID has formed the back drop with the original UP SPIN and DOWN SPIN of what the GREAT POWER is CALLED “GRAVITY” in FORCE so we can all exist in a place in space where we can all gravitate to become acclimated to direction as in up and down side to side and in the 4th dimension we fight inside a circle inside a square and back into the universal time lines as the wholiness of the original dweller.

We are all experiencing change in this reality due to the timelines and the driven forces that are being held by many in the future and of the original Ascension Age Movement thought up among the Mages, those of this time one may call the Mystics, Oracles, Psychics, Sages, Seers, Shaman, and Healers who return after Near Death Experiences, and Life After Death for they all know there is NO DEATH!

Life is immortal and we all live to fight another day as immortals! This is what we do with all the GODS as we called them of the ancient past and as legends and myths.

We find ourselves among all those who have come before and are of the lives that exist among the stars, the star warriors, and stat trekkers. We are the ones who hold on to the timelines offering a thread of trugh in the quilt of time we all are weaving shared by the ALL I AM. Gaia is the the home as Mother Earth who is the healer for us all in this world and we call her mother earth, pangea, gaia, terra as we learn to terra form earth in the codes of the lands where we can all survive.

Some of us dwell in the oceans and seas while some of us in the arears of space with wind and without.

Some of us dwell in the fire and the energy that is pwoer which can destroy and also give life as we see the Gods of the Volcanoes on earth.

More lives will be saved as the spiritual warriors with strong souls step forth into the light of the wisdom keepers. We are the love, the light, the lanf, the living, the libery, the law!

We are the ones that give life to those who were the original thought forms and creators who gave us all a soul as the original zero point and the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, and the original 10 and 11 and 12 as we all share in the knowing for the Supreme High Council and the Ambassadors of the Light and the Realms of the Dark who were all co-created by us all in the future, the past, and in the now so we can all learn from each other regarding the oringal universal order of the one who had the dweller in the expanse before the implosion.

Now we seek to return to the stars in space once again from where the ancients of the wisdom keepers first came before the original source of this universe was made known as the few of the 200 and the original 32 and those of the original creator of all.

Ascension Age 2012 & Beyond – Alphaverse & Omegaverse

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