UAP-UAV-UFO=Ace Associates

We establish this name for UAP Associates.

We in the past each decided to become international informational archivists.

We all decided to pursue various collectors of information who have personal interests.

Our associates in the past have similar interests.

We began as archivists, historians, investigators, reporters, veterans, and joined authors who were independents.

We began seeing the independent publishers who were being overlooked by Mentions on Amazon.

We joined and other places that would allow us print on demand for our files.

However, many did not want our photos and videos.

Therefore, we decided to combine our friends in various social media groups.

We have learned how to find each other in social media mainly Facebook and for entrepreneurs inside Linked In.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris began the original filing of names in the USA.

We share rare finds and our UFO Secret Space Treasures in what are now hash tags.

We recognized using the changes in cyberspace culture with the world wide web.

We know that information is only as good as those who can locate the information.

Linear libraries as in brick and mortar seemed to always tell us our books were not well known in the dewey decimal system card files among book publishers.

In other words the orientation of looking up books throughout the years in the early 1970s. 1980s. 1990s. was not growing our UFO Files but were put in New Age.

We appreciate all our associates who compare our content providers personal domains and sharing of information in cyberspace.

We welcome all our “OLF GUYS” as the original Ufologists, and Alienologists.

Many are prior miitary service or government service as in GS positions. Many wore uniforms and know how to keep secrets based on their prior “Q” Clearance or confidential, secret, Top Secret, Secret Companrmented Information (SCI)

and the current in levels of secrecy of Nasa or national security information.

We also welcome all those who want to join us in our efforts to know of the original MIB or Men In Black while we become creative writers for our Science FIction and future discoveries on earth and in spacwe.

Many of our life forms are based in space in the realm of hydrogen. Therefore, we shall welcome all who want to explore in biology, bacteria, and/or what sparks or ignitions life.

Eternal cycles are exploding shock waves in space!

The crab nebula equals an equivalent of 100 thousand suns and new planets.

The process of explosions can form new stars and new planets of cosmic creations.

We share the annual UAP – UAP Cosmos Expos and the likeness of our past events were in MEN IN BLACK and various UFO Events.

Digital experiences are now being queried and we use the major four Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft on the planet for sharing information.

Many of us will continue sharing our wordpress, blogs, audio, and video files.

We’ve learned manhy interesting things about each other and those who are interested in extra terrestrial beings and the creations of suns and planets …

Magnitudes and densities and looking at our home world from very far away.

We want to know more about the sun, 8 planets, moons, and dwarf planets, Kiper Belt and about 4.7 billion miles we know of in our Milky Way Galaxy.

We hope to begin adding the interest in Andromeda Galaxy. insert photo or link for future study.

Milky Way comes with the Cheif God Zeus tale of a mother’s milk being spilled across the skies. So, we do honor our past history in myths and comparisons of our emerging meanings in languages and ontology.

Therefore, our center of this club is one of many subjects and our directory is being built as a library for categories.

We will all share in this PROJECT while the main DIRECTORS are at present the “OLD GUYS of MIB” but we share while we are still alive as veterans who have a heart for wanting others to know what we can explore, explain, or collect in our archives as information of our former friends we knew were into “UFOS”. Now, also called unidentified anomalous phenomena and unidentified aerial vehicles.

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