UAP Associate Coaches Now Forming

To whom it may concern:

Do you have a brand? Are you a social media influencer with 5K or more followers?

Do you follow research and analysis of unidentified anomalous phenomena?

Do you have incidents in your life of high strangeness you can only explain as a mystery?

Are you an arm chair philosopher with your own personal opinion and view of what a UAP may be?

Would you be interested in being in a monthly meeting online with a succcessful team?

Are you an Alienologist? One who studies aliens or those who claim to be an alien, alien et hybrid humanoid, starseed, walk-in, channel on this planet?

Do you tend to look for information that one can prove scientifically in this physical world?

Do you subscribe to the spiritual science movement of ascension, love and light movement, ancient cultures origins?

What business and life coaching skills as an entrepreneur can you bring to light to the UAP Associates?

We are forming a membership forum institute for archivists, historians, researchers, authors, speakers, bloggers, vloggers, videographers, documentarians of the things we call UAPs.

Theresa J Thurmond Morris is the VIsionary Founder of the original UFO Association began to increase interest of others in cyberspace in the year 2006.

Theresa has shared Branding with her social media groups online since 1998 when she began with GoDaddy and after 6 years set up one main account in APril 2004 when she had a back and neck operation and had to get off the road as a commercial truck driver coast to coast. Theresa learned a lot about UAPs from her own personal experience and had been chosen by J. Alan Hynek 1995-1996 to take over his guidance and attachment in coaching in the UFO field.

Theresa returns to that position recognizing the importance of administration for those who have spent their lives in gathering intelligence, clipping newspaper clippings, and recording UFO Sightings.

Theresa will not be out in the field as an investigator although she trained in law enforcement, criminal justice, forensics, personnel and information security in the Department of Naval Intelligence. TJ was a contractor from 1967 through 2017.

Theresa tells her stories in books as an author and her books can be found on Amazon and Lulu if anyone is interested in her personal stories of aliens, et, ufos, and paranormal. Theresa also wrote the book Knowing Cosmology Ascension Age.

Theresa is now going to call in her own personal friends in cyberspace who have a social media following who she personally is choosing to work with in this private fellowship organization.

Theresa has a desire to increase education and to share in support of those who want to be known as bonafide entrepreneurs, coaches, and team builders in this field.

We will ask those who want to be known in our field to please submit their headshot, biography, and former work prior to the Covid 19 Lockdown so we can share in future meetings online.

We will assist others to become involved in not only our interests in UAPS, but will list CUFOS and MUFON as a Link for others to join those groups if they so choose.

This is an intake process for the UAP Associates who have an interest in our Allied Command Organization and our American Communications Online Holding Company.

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