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IMDb member since June 2016 Source.

Psychic Tarot Reader, Researcher, Writer. Author, Speaker, Artist, Radio Show Host. Began television KNOE TV Monroe, LA.USA. Channel 10 , El Dorado, ARK., Danced Camille Long Hill Houston, TX, Ambassador of Goodwill Houston’s Hostesses. Celebrity Dinner Theater, Birmingham, AL, Arthur Murray Dance Studio-Martha Gilliland Studio, B’ham, AL., Began Investigation -Law Enforcement – Psychology, Pearland- Alvin, TX, Investigative Services-ACIR-1978-1980. DOD-DON 1980-1993 ACIR Ambassador (SIR) Contractor GS5/HM2. Honorable Discharge RE-1. Pres/CEO Psychic Network since 1993, Ascension Center Director, OTR Commercial Truck Driver 1994-2004. GoDaddy Pro Web Developer 2004-present -producer audio/video, Began Entrepreneurial Development of Brands 2003 -ACE Folklife, ACE,ACO, ACIR Made in USA. Paranormal Speaker MidSouth Con 2016 Memphis Hilton. TJ Morris Agency Producer IBMA-BMI-CMA 2004 -Bluegrass American Events 2005-2012. TJ Morris ET Radio Shows June 2012 to present. Moved to Gulf Breeze, FL. TJ Morris, Director UAP.Associates 2017 to present. Member as Senior Journalist (2018-) ACE Folklife Historian-Researcher-Reality-Archivist-Oral and Written books, pdfs, Amazon, Lulu.2007-
D&B#124124038 ACIR -ACO Holding Company as American Communications Online, TJ Thurmond government May 10, 1967-Dec 21, 2017 – contractor OPM. TJ Morris Agency 2012 to present. Producer -science fiction fantasy- non-fiction ACO Press Club. All things allowed by law vetting for production media – Imprint Timely Manor Books. YouTube Videos, – building community. educational videos 2020 to present.

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