UAP Associates By Invitation Only in 2020

Even in stillness, there is movement, sometimes it takes time for the molecules of change to shift and form.

Even when it feels like nothing is happening, transformation and healing are taking place. Anonymous

May the spirit of wholeness be with you, awakening, healing power within.

May the spirit of harmony restore rhythms of body, mind, spirit.

May love touch you, strengthen you and give you peace.

May the divine purpose for your being shine forth in your own self as soul.

May each being allow time to pass while knowing suffering is part of our human existence for learning.

May we learn to not suffer and certainly not harm others

Do what is right is the whole of the law.

May the world live in peace while accepting sovereignty in space.

May we all accept cyberspace as a place to share among all intelligences.

May we find comfort in knowing that our hearts and souls are also connected to all universes.

UAP Associates and UFO Association with the Ascension Center Organization and

Ascension Church Ohana

We share the institution as a sovereign for each being, community, planet, galaxy, and universe.

Each being is important to the whole. May all be defined as the universal life.

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