UAP.Associates Div. of ACO Association

ACO Association is the asssociates involved as an inincorporated association of volunteers online in providing open source free to the public information.

Volunteers are known to include those of 55 years and above. We also are largely known as the Ascension Age Boomers online who have time to pay for domains and blogs to satisfy our writing niche.

Many of us are writers, bloggers, vloggers. Some of us even form facebook groups.

Many of us share radio shows and podcasts.

We will form a directory of Who’s Who based on the facts of our ACE Folklife Historical Society and our UFO Association of bonafide members as alienologists,

artists, astronomers, authors, content providers, cosmologists, developers, engineers, communications technicians, historians, investigators, journalists, lightworkers, mystics, oracles, physicists, psychics, sages, scientists,seers, shaman, starseeds, truthseekers, Webmasters,and videographers to name some who like us in our American Communications Online Broadcasting Platform.

We share information OSINT with others in the world wide web. We share creative commons licenses.

We hope to keep Cyberspace Open Source so everyone can receive information that is educational and truthful.

We hope to share as a clearing house for think tanks and mindfulness events, and radio shows. We support our members who are entrepreneurs and share in open source content providing.

We share our information openly thought some of our practitioners do ask for consulting fees online for their time. We do have affiliate links.

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