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I video per month made for information content providing .

Membership Cards are given to those members who are in good standing and monthly dues paid into our ACO Club Account. Only members in good standing can are supported. have ACO Club, ACIR Radio Club, ACE Life Coach CertificationsMust Be a Member to participate in projects, clubs, associations, radio shows, videos. Our Certification Training Programs in ACE Life Coaching and setting up our Ascension Center Training Programsis for our TJ Morris Club Community by Theresa J MorrisThis includes our Whole Life Body-Mind-Spirit Ascension Center Ohana.MEMBERSHIP for MEMBERS ONLY! (4 Weeks) 15.00 per page Host
Others in workshops – Events – Webinars – See Schedules Monthly
Regular Month Member in Good Standing -2 hr. Radio Show
Includes 1 page Advertising Radio Show – per person
Donations for Support Monthly Donation to our PayPal Account – Supporter of the Arts * Sciences Voting Professional Association Member List by Talent, l -Artist-Author -Copywriter-Editor-Writer – ACO PRESS CLUB DUES$60
$20Student-In-Training by the month 1st year.$20Non-salaried Event Volunteer by the month$20Retired Volunteer Event Planner Marketing and Advertising in our Social Media Friends Pages, Blogs by the month$50

Only members can be nominated for chairpersons on committees and on our team eventsSubscribe to our newsletter!ACO Association ClubAbout
Theresa MorrisTJ Morris Publishing a division of TJ Morris dba ACO. American Communications Online.Theresa J Thurmond Morris, author, entrepreneur, agent-consultant-organizer, USA. Theresa Janette goes by TJ to her friends in Social network media on Facebook and Twitter. TJ shares her life online 50% with ACO Social Service Club team building. ACE-ACIR-ACO Allied Command.TJ Morris Business Services assists entrepreneurs in projects; workshops, seminars, events. ACO Community Online Practicing Skills. TJ is a member of BMI, ACE Folklife, SMJ, A Senior Journalist, ACO UFO – Professional, Association advancing art, culture, education, research, science, technology, Global Culture. TJ Morris dba ACIR, ACO, ACE, TJ Morris ET Radio, TJ Morris Agency Hosting Entertainment. Artists, Authors, Consultants, Organizers, Researchers ACO Club. TImely Manor Authors Book Club. ACO webinars, audio-video Media. ACOAssociation and UFO Association are projects of Theresa J Morris Ministries (Education Services) BrandsPublications by Theresa MorrisSort by Publication Date DescendingAmerican Communications Online GuideByTheresa MorrisPublished 1/17/2020

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UAP.Associates Div. of ACO Association

ACO Association is the asssociates involved as an inincorporated association of volunteers online in providing open source free to the public information.

Volunteers are known to include those of 55 years and above. We also are largely known as the Ascension Age Boomers online who have time to pay for domains and blogs to satisfy our writing niche.

Many of us are writers, bloggers, vloggers. Some of us even form facebook groups.

Many of us share radio shows and podcasts.

We will form a directory of Who’s Who based on the facts of our ACE Folklife Historical Society and our UFO Association of bonafide members as alienologists,

artists, astronomers, authors, content providers, cosmologists, developers, engineers, communications technicians, historians, investigators, journalists, lightworkers, mystics, oracles, physicists, psychics, sages, scientists,seers, shaman, starseeds, truthseekers, Webmasters,and videographers to name some who like us in our American Communications Online Broadcasting Platform.

We share information OSINT with others in the world wide web. We share creative commons licenses.

We hope to keep Cyberspace Open Source so everyone can receive information that is educational and truthful.

We hope to share as a clearing house for think tanks and mindfulness events, and radio shows. We support our members who are entrepreneurs and share in open source content providing.

We share our information openly thought some of our practitioners do ask for consulting fees online for their time. We do have affiliate links.

UAP.Associates Supports MUFON

How we support is paying a monthly membership fee, and by supporting the ACRONYM in our Radio Shows.

We also grow our dues and membership and tell others to please support our LARGE DATA COLLECTIONS which are listed. the Tax ID Number for volunteers

to understand is

Mufon Mutual Ufo Network Inc.



Mufon Mutual Ufo Network Inc. is headquartered in CINCINNATI, OH, and is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 37-0990161.  Donations are tax-deductible. The IRS’ NTEE classification is Astronomy within the Science and Technology Research Institutes, Services category. The IRS ruling year for tax exemption was 1982.

(Source: IRS Business Master File and Form 990)


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Charity Navigator currently only has one year of consecutive e-filed Forms 990 from the IRS for Mufon Mutual Ufo Network Inc. under the EIN: 37-0990161.
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TJ Morris Made in USA for UFO Folk

On or about April 2006 2 years after TJ began her ACE Folklife Association and Ascension Center Organization in 2003, Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris agreed to brand TJ Morris-ACO-ACIR for.with and about Ontology on the Internet working with github and Www or Wc3. Not having any funds to assist all she and her friends on Facebook could do was share information, photos, and groups.

They then began sharing friend among themselves and before long the beginnings of blogs, domains, and GoDaddy became very wealthy.

However, when TJ was asked to go on radio shows by UFO Digest, Owner Publisher, Dirk Vander Ploeg to promote his domain and book with hers to be written, he asked her to talk to Stanton T. Friedman about future book sells, and radio shows.

TJ called on numerous occasions at that time paying the phone bill on ATT which would come to over $85.00 per call some months. This is how the decision to keep the name UFO involved but Stan knew we would have to have many others assisting us so asked TJ to be a marketer and promoter while he and Kathy Marden would make the rounds at various UFO Events as speakers and to sell their own books.

TJ Agreed and later spoke with Kathy Marden on the telephone while Stanton T. Friedman was still alive. Kathy asked TJ to please include her friends whom she names in the events. Kathy suggested for the future including some of the possible MUFON Directors or MUFON Meet Up groups.

Kathy was beginning talks in May 2008, with MUFON Director Captain McDonald.

These talks would involve extending the MUFON Investigator’s manual into including parts of the manual for further context and formal training among various members or those who had had a possible alien encounter which we could list as various levels incorporating the J. Allen Hynek Scale.

Since the passing of Stanton T. Friedman once might say that all the volunteers in the UFO Ambassadors have been in mourning.

We have agreed with our New Directors, Theresa J Thurmond Morris, Jan Aldrich,

and other members of ACE FOLKLIFE -ACO Association – ACIR to carry on with the BIG DATA involved in Ontology in 2020 with the W3C observations, Github, Slack, but most importantly ground to space ontology in our metaphysical groups online.

We follow Tim Berners-Lee leadership development skills online in our data mining.

We also will now keep our own files for those who are collecting files to be used as open source on the internet which means NOT PAID FOR and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

We will need funding however to keep the files secure. Jan Aldrich is in the process with others to SCAN the old newspaper clippings for various groups which were organized in the past

CUFOS -NICAP and others in the past are now sharing both oral and written files.

UFO Association, and UAP.Associates will work in an alliance with ISO/EC21838.