Portal Sovereignty Disclosure “Star Wars”

By Theresa J Morris aka TJ Thurmond Morris, Writer

On or about 25 October 2020, we will have Dr. Rick Miller, GS 18 (Retired) and Entrepreneur, Ebook publisher along with Agent TJ Thurmond Morris will begin their writing books together with others for the UAP.Associates Group online.

Dr. Rick Miller and Agent Thurmond-Morris was “READ INTO” what is called OTTER. The underwater and above the divine levels of consciousness.

We are working together as “WRITERS” to add our contribution to the “MISSION PURPOSE” for writing “TREATMENTS” for the level of “CONTENT PUBLISHERS”.

Most people in CYBERSPACE have no idea about the “1985 – MEN IN BLACK” Project called “OTTER” which was the CODE NAME – ABOVE TOP SECRET – ABOVE MAJESTIC 12 – and even about the work of Stanton T. Friedman and Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

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