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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, sharing business license in Santa Rosa County, Gulf Breeze, Florida. USA. TJ Morris Agency service for holding company, American Communications Online, all things allowed by law.

Agent of Service for Brands, ACO, ACE Folklife, ACIR, TJ Morris.

Ascension Center Organization

Ascension Center Ohana, universal life church presently owned and operated as a spiritual science, metaphysical church digital broadcast publishing company of Made in USA products and services. ACE Folklife Association is a division of ACO Brand. ACE Folklife and ACO have formed a digital publishing and broadcasting company with TJ Morris Brand.

Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris, owner ACIR Since 1978.

Theresa was actively recruited May 10, 1967 into ACIR at NASA as a Cosmos Ambassador. In Houston, Texas as an Ambassador of Goodwill. Trained as Director, and President/CEO of both profit and not for profit corporations.


ACO  Association

ACO Products & Services- Made in USA

ACO International-US Currency

Allied Command Association Sustainability of both planet and orbital communities promotes sovereignty as space advocates.

Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies. In political theory, sovereignty is a substantive term designating supreme legitimate authority over some polity. In international law, sovereignty is the exercise of power by a state.

Allied Council Intergalactic Relations ACIR American Culture International Relations.

ACO sovereignty

TJ Morris Agency as

Theresa J Morris as

American Communications Online

TJ Morris Agency is Agent of Service for

ACIR and ACO Brands as Goodwill Ambassadors

For the United States of America On or off planet   

ACO Association – ACO International

ACO Association as ACO International is a professional trade association online with ERA COP educational research association community online press. ACO-ACE Adults Continuing Education shares a school of counseling in each state with online webinars and workshops as an unincorporated association as a group of persons forming an organization for a common purpose other than making a profit. Most states will grant tax-exempt status to such organizations but each state has its own process and requirements for obtaining such status. The main difference between an unincorporated association and a nonprofit corporation is legal liability. The members of the unincorporated association can be held personally liable for the actions of the association. The bylaws of the organization govern the day-to-day operations. They should include articles that cover at least the following areas: Organization; Purpose; Membership; and Officers.

Article I: Organization

This operating company is filed in the state of Florida.  the name of the association is ACO Intl Inc and is organized, as an unincorporated association under the laws of the state of Florida.….

Article II: Purpose

This article should state the purpose of the association (a mission statement) and list the main activities of the association. For example, the purpose of this organization is to organize ascension church ʻohana activities for forming a community online. The main activities are the organization of various spiritual science and metaphysical teams and alien contact organizer leagues and the conduct of fund-raising activities to raise funds for the various teams and leagues.

Article III: Membership

This arco association with established articles and by-laws of our original Ascension Center Oracles as ACO will provide the requirements or criteria to be a member and resignation or expulsion procedures. It should also state the dues or how the dues will be determined and when they are required to be paid. (Show our Articles & By-laws list of $50.00 a year to each voting member then dues as 5.00 a month plus donations accepted.) _

Article IV: Officers

This article should list the offices to be filled and the duties of the various offices.

Theresa J Morris is President

Angela Dawn Parrish is Vice President of ACO Events

Stephanie Parrish Saucier is Treasure/Secretary

The duties might include the president presiding over meetings, the vice president assisting the president, the treasurer managing funds, and the secretary recoding minutes of the meetings. The Vice President of Committees should state when and how elections will be held, terms of office, eligibility for office, how the nominating committee will be selected and function, voting guidelines, installation of officers and guidelines for annual meetings.

Article V: Administrative requirements and policies

This article V will use original Articles and By-Laws for both ACE and ACO and should provide the fiscal year, audit, and financial report requirements, uses of funds, amendment procedures and dissolution procedures and any other administrative requirements

Bylaws are documents representing an organization and/or the organization’s board of directors are Theresa J Morris, Thomas A Sinisi, Janet Kira Lessin with 8 years in service together for the unincorporated association among volunteers for radio shows and to continue ACO Event Managers venue committees. Ruling documents that outline the code of conduct for the business and the organization. Bylaws define the basic structure and powers of the board. As the bylaws are solid, try to keep them as brief as possible. Bylaws are legal documents and even though their inclusion requirements differ from state to state, the format for writing bylaws is standard. Thomas Reuben Becker represents the state of Georgia, and Ralph Kennedy Johnston Sr. represents the state of New Mexico, with John David Tenayuca as the committee for interstate regionals cooperating between Texas, California, and Arizona with Theresa J Morris.

The ACO Association Articles and By-Laws officiate for the Ascension Center Oracles, Ascension Church Ohana, ACE Metaphysical Institute, and ACE Folklife Society. 

Definition of Bylaws

Bylaws explain essential matters of running the business. They explain things such as how to vote in elections, how to open and close meetings, and how and which records to keep. Bylaws also define the rules and regulations of all officers of the board, as well as membership requirements. The bylaws serve as an instructional manual and outline for the organization.

Included in Bylaws

There are several articles, or major segments, and sections, or subordinate paragraphs, that are included in the bylaws. Articles that should be included in bylaws are the name of the organization, information about the board of directors, information about the officers, any committee information, information regarding meetings, voting rights and rules, what are considered conflicts of interest, fiscal policies, and how the bylaws might be amended. The amendment section is important as it should outline how the outlaws can be changed, including how many votes are necessary to alter the bylaws. Underneath each article, include section paragraphs. For instance, the officers’ article should have sections detailing how the officers are voted in, how many officers there are, and what their term limits are.

Accountability in Bylaws

As no set of bylaws can cover all issues and circumstances, ensure that the bylaws include a section that details accountability and fairness. The bylaws should discuss how to handle any problems that might occur within the organization and any matter of disagreement associated with the board of directions and the members. Discuss how the organization will resolve issues that are not included in the bylaws document.

Making the Bylaws Official

To ensure that the bylaws of your organization are official, add a secretary’s certificate at the end of the document. The signature will also indicate that the bylaws are true and accurate. Also include the official adoption date at the bottom of the document. Establishing bylaws is an important foundational step for any church to describe membership, officers, committees, meetings, finances, and auxiliary organizations. Bylaws help dictate how an organization is supposed to operate and they address specific needs and practices. This is especially important in legal proceedings as a church may be held liable if it does not abide by its established bylaws. When bylaws are not established, a church is held to state standards, which are often stricter than those many churches create.

Define membership. Explain the steps that one must take to become a member of your church, including any statement of faith, baptism, or other requirements. Include what conditions dictate and what steps may be taken that result in dismissal from membership, as well.

Name the officers and committees of the church. This can be a list of the offices and committees themselves, rather than those that currently hold the office. Some common examples include Pastors, Deacons, Elders, Trustees, Clerks, Secretaries and Committee Chairs. This list will be different for each church. Include the responsibilities for each of these positions, how they are elected and how long each term is. Include any specific information about what happens in case of a vacancy in any office.

List the regular meetings for the church. Include both worship services and regular meetings as well as official business and officer meetings. If there is any specific order to the meetings, list these instructions as well.

Describe how finances are managed in the church. Include information about current expenses and what members are expected to contribute, as well as information and funding for any additional ministry buckets, including missionary funds, benevolent funds, or other special projects.

Include the names and functions of any auxiliary organizations, including Sunday school, youth group, lady’s ministry, or missionary ministry. Be sure to list any requirements for membership or offices in these organizations as well.

Ascension Church Ohana

Theresa J Morris Ministries

ACO Psychic University

ACE Metaphysical Institute

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