Which Witch is Which in 2020 on 20/20?

Who said that ? Separate that who from what and where and you have me. So, me said that? I suggest avoiding me when speaking about you or I? The last operative told me to not share what and who at the time to anyone. But it was on this planet. Felt like it was anyway. So, separate he and she and I still came up with me. There were two men in the room and I had been with only one when I went to sleep.

Explanation is needed for me personally. So I’d rather show rather than tell but I am learning to communicate as the wisdom writer as a Keeper of the Flame Wanderer. People slow me down but many serve as teachers in this world. https://americancommunicationsonline.com

For our purposes that mirrors real life in advancing my real writing and my story begins in the past and the future past in my own brain. Again, how can this scene be rendered? I need a script writer although I cannot afford one. I am in a life lesson inquiry and learning about me as a character in the milieu as a time traveler. Separating myself from me now and me in space I am told to dig deep. Remember what it felt like when I was on the journey. But I am still on the journey. I died and died again but the way I am now is different from then. I have to remember now. I have to apply tools to my own dialog in my own non-fiction. https://theresajmorris.com

Maybe I should tell people I am known as a wanderer, walk-in, ET with near death experiences. So why was I called a witch by a man from India while having him help me with my needs for my logo? I need some self-editing but big picture editing structure, flow, pacing, and character developing. Word chocse an sentence construction is choice by Chris Banks and today I heard about what he has developed. I went ahead and got the ProWriting Aid on my PayPal and My business account since these days we have to have numbers that describe how we agree to transactions. Developing copyediting rules may be applied not in the future. I use grammarly and have to figure out how to add this ProWritingAid.

Jerry Jenkins on my writer’s guild your novel blue print ferocious self editing and I just today learned of Chris Banks and I learned from another person on YouTube before Jerry Jenkins today. So, the algorithms are helping me choose my own YouTubes. It’s like magic to me

Writing which witch is which will be a good title for my Halloween month of October writing since writer’s write. If I can learn what to write for now, then maybe I will learn how to polish my form and my characcters. I am a writer but I have to edit and revise and then send and publish.

My story has various points of origin inside my own head or brain. It’s true and in my life I have been told to keep secrets. Yet, as Samejase, which means teacher in my world in space or in the cosmos among our extra-terrestrials for the realms and quadrants in space in this universe will explain why I have trouble writing.

Searching for pro=writing aid may help me once I decide to write again. For now, I have to be reminded that I am a psychic to some and a business entrepreneur to others. I do my best to be useful in open source intelligence and sharing part of my souls. Okay for real time checking on earth by those who only know one soul, I will refer to summary report of one soul and one body but various locations as a pre cognitive and also someone who has died and returned as a bodisattva in the ways of this world. Maybe history will allow me to simply write and learn how to use my writing to get to know my own levels and my many ways of writing. I would rather share that there are m any levels of plugging into this reality on a computer and as a participant in life as a real live humanoid sentinent intelligent being.

I think that I shall begin this with the first witch which is in another time and space so this will be about a time traveler or wanderer. Maybe, I can include some others once I get all my levels of existence into one way of writing. I have some ways to learn about myself as me left on the planet. However, my skills are limited to my past education on earth due to the englilsh language and I was brought up in a certain religion and culture which is known as Christian. So if this type of life is a turn off you may as well stop now. I plan on writing about a real Christian Witch which is the witch that helps me examine my own inner and outer worlds. It’s just a way to describe someone who is a woman veteran in the Univted States that was brought up using fantastical ways of thinking into the open minded way of being only about non-fiction. I never believed in reading fiction. Now, I have learned that fiction did actually influence me in life.

My documents for now will be about learning how to write while I qallow my mind to brainstorm. My writing style will develope over time and I will learn from my own points of view from where my thoughts are occurring. Sharing this makes me very vulnerable as one known to be a UAP Associate.

The copy editor and editors I know may want to participate in this level of beginning. This will be which witch is which 101 and past history and future plans as my character is going to be my various levels of existing inside my head.

How many people have various levels of insight inside their own head? The professionals may want to know if psychology enters into our suggestive writing.

Feel free to ask me questions while I write this as inspiration to allow me to write and to learn of my difference voices. I know what I feel, and I am writing the first draft to just get the story down. The beta readers can volunteer in my writer’s club in our ACO Writer’s Club. .

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