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Hey there Theresa,With all of the big changes to life, do you ever feel like you’re struggling to keep up with it all? Perhaps you just feel like you’re trying to process too much or can’t get ahead of the curve to ride the wave of life? If this sounds familiar to you – don’t worry, you’re not alone. And we’re here to help. I’d like to propose a novel idea… what if you could transform everything in your life in just one week? Yep! That’s all it takes!If you’re curious and want to learn more, today I’m excited to announce the  Seven-Day Transformation! If you’re interested, and want to completely transform your life in just one week, here’s a link to get started.You are dearly loved, and I pray this workshop supports you in your wild and amazing life transformation! With all of my love,
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Spirituality Wellness Ezine

We begin in 2020

Ascension Consciousness Environment

Research of benevolence consciousness goodwill all facets of same faculty of being human. The empathy is to ultimately recognize not necessarily other when the habitual compulsive labeling no longer operates. This is the message of the barrier and also the passion to connect to others. Our dogs never judge us in our own minds. So we want to always embrace each other like enlightened wonderful to be around. We have an incredible sense of accepting who we are with no judgments and no demands, but just in the now at this moment like the GPS!

The Answer of the Cosmos never judges you we made the American Communications Online for our current unincorporated associations of the Ascension Center Organization.

The pure beingness and we learn to live while we are being ourselves and sharing in our ACO Radio Club.

We share uplifting stories while we communicate our connection to the cosmos.

History of our Ascension Conscious Environment of Love and Light Community

APRO 3910 E. Klinedale Road, Tucson AZ 85712

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Allied Command Intergalactic Relations

Directory for Love and Light Researchers

We the


Deal with The Heart of the Truth

UAP.Associates/ACO Association/UFO Association

Ascension Center Organization

Love and Light Community

ACE Folklife Kentucky -Lexington & Louisville (L&L)

We began March 8, 2000.aligning with various volunteers after our communications from January 27, 1974. Ginger Theresa Fay Parrish was born to assist and to serve out her third density level while sharing the Cosmos. Ascension Center Ohana was born with her star baby spirit. She was the first Love and Light Star-Being with full memory.

We with ACO Association and UFO Association while we decided to join via Owensboro, Kentucky through our Computer contractor to fix our computers put Theresa J Thurmond Morris in touch with Carla Rueckert (2003-2005) who related Theresa’s Work with Carla’s work and this was phenomena


Sonic Boom – Port Lavaca, Texas Sonic Boom – Don Elkins was personally involved and noticed over the east coast in New Jersey.

Decree of the Nine Explosions Burning – Prophecy

Watch Communications and the Book Time No Longer

“Secrets of the UFO” Originally published 1977

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Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520




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Secrets of the UFO (9780945007005): Don … – › Secrets-UFO-Don-Elkins


2. Secrets of the UFO (9780945007005): Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert: Books.

The CIA UFO Papers: 50 Years of Government … – › CIA-UFO-Papers-Government-Co…

1. The CIA UFO Papers: 50 Years of Government Secrets and Cover-Ups (MUFON) (9781590033029): Wright, Dan, Harzan, Jan: Books.

Pentagon ran secret multi-million dollar UFO programme – BBC › news › world-us-canada-42379749


US media reports say documents from the operation describe strange aircraft and hovering objects.

Declassified: The Air Force’s Secret UFO Files – YouTube › watch

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Were alien secrets hidden in Roswell and Area 51? ‘Project … › project-blue-book-ufos-season-…


Jan 21, 2020 – A search for the truth behind UFO sightings leads to the discovery of government cover-ups.

Are UFOs a threat? We need to investigate, says former head … › unidentified-ufos-history-channel


Jul 11, 2020 – The shadowy world of government agencies’ UFO investigations returns to the History Channel, in the documentary series “Unidentified.” (Image: …

UFO Sightings: Area 51 – HISTORY › topics › paranormal › ufo-sightings…


We uncover the secrets of the cryptic desert facility and investigate mysterious deaths of base workers.

Cosmos Concert with Psychic Oracles


“What happens to “US” in personal transformation while resulting in our spirituality wellness journey?

Intense unhappiness, depression, anxiety, and even pain in childhood can cause us to be unhappy.

We learn that our Love and Light Spiritual Community can bring us happiness while learning of how we identify with our own lives in a chosen culture in the power of now. Self talk and images can separate from the wanderer and visitor of our self which is simply visiting this planet inside the mud body. Our essence is spiritual and we call this our over soul which sends down our spirit to become the wanderer and the speaker for this third dispensation as we become the spirit on our own unique journey.

We offer the Ascension Center Organization to share in Love and Light Community to identify our ACO RADIO CLUB.

We build daily our two of me or one as we self and “I” and our super consciousness. The “I” and the “Unhappy me” is sharing our self-talk and when we recognize our identity of essence is able to see through our own presence as a miracle that we live in and are a part of we recognize that we do not have to fear.

Fear is not necessary and while in our pain and our spiritual selves go through learning the intensity and variations of peace and sometimes, other spiritual traditions and Gnosticism, christian mysticism and this is a spiritual awakening. May of us now in the Americans share “Mindfulness” and we share Ascension Meditation and we feel the senses and the perceptions. Most of the self-taught concerns personal factors and the kind of talk that happens in your head. There is a voice in your head that talks in the head and to know this is an awakening and can assist. The mid is a tool to be used and can be trained to serve the spirit essence. The first realization is there is a voice and something else comes in and this is another dimension of consciousness as “AWARENESS” and Eckart Tolle does not use the term “Mindfulness” because it implies the mind is full.

One dimension is thinking and another dimension is simple awareness. (Consciousness takes on a thought form as energy information). We all are adapting to our inner voice and our inner thoughts are truly “US” and the giving back to others is our “LOVE AND LIGHT COMMUNITY”.

We become aware of thought patterns that occur repeatedly and we can learn to allow ourselves to release negative thoughts and delete them from our vocabulary about our own existence. We know we all go up and down with various thoughts. Awareness of thought is pure unconditioned consciousness.

Consciousness is the ocean and thoughts are the ripples like waves coming in and we can use our streams of thinking.

We use one’s identity of WHO we are is derived from whatever our mind tells us about ourselves. Ideas, opinions, viewpoints, are derived from thought. Ancient teachers knew this and this is an old ancient teaching expressed in words but we must sense self. Not as a story as place in the head “THE EGO” is not quite the same as Freud uses ego. We use compete identification and adbsence of awareness. But what you say and what you do is controlled by the conditioned mind, reactive to the past, or relive or live out the dysfunctional upbringing. Ofter goes back many generations and until someone comes and assist you seeing the dysfunctional upbringing. But you are not required to keep living that life. Spiritual Awakening can be refreshing and mostly is your connection to the “ALL I AM” or to some ROUSE THE SOURCE but to others it is simply the SUPER CONSCIOUS seeing the higher thoughts coming in and some call this channeling their higher self. With meditation we may have a technique or method or functions of concentration on one thing, breath, inner liveness on chakras and already a realization you have a choice to direct attention … You do not always have to go where habitual thoughts have you to go! Another negative thought and people who comment on the negative thoughts keep playing old programs in the self prison.

If you never do meditation and go inside and know yourself as in AWAKENING and JOIING in SELF

Chronic negative thoughts are like addicts and they get to their bottom and are going to die or must change their ways of life.

How to separate the ego and thoughts we are sharing “MINDFULNESS” but TOLLE says do not use the mind is full type of word. So, we will find tools and even meditation is not necessary and some never have to come to meditation. Some people just snap suddenly. Some who had a serious illness or was fatal, or the future had been removed from them. So, we think what is the next thing going to happen? Every future is a thought. The thought of the future is a thought because no one has ever experienced the future. We know it is “NO” it is a thought and the past is also a thought in your head. So being in life so nothing can be, exist live, that is not now. So this is the NEW NOW and is strongly connected with thinking. So basically we have no future wit is a thought.

So with GIGI she was forced into the present moment and she had no future to escape into while she was accepting her death and it was hard to watch.

Seeing people and being a part of their lives during death process and acting it out is part of our way of service to those who cannot afford to die or their headstone.

We need to have a way to assist people know they are only temporary and all of earth needs to share the way we go back into essence and energy and separate from the mud of the earth.

We share the elements of life as we know them to separate.

We will do what we can to form and to help us all in our own charity educational Ascension Center Oracles to share our communication …. We know ascension is the way, the life, and the word, of the love and light community.

We share Universal Light and Life as the Source of the Anomaly of the Cosmos that is infinite and goes own eternal as God has always been! The mental commentary can become so unbearable and sometimes with spiritual teaching and pure presence and awareness and this is the real spiritual awakening when something inside awakens to something that is inside more powerful that shines through the person. You do not have to wait for the GIANT NOSIS as the GOOD NEWS or live in an Ashram for twenty years.

We invited it into our lives as the Christ Consciousness as out of the way we think inside the matrix of every day life and we can direct our attention onto our visual perceptions and many of us use the life of Cot the body you but a deeper since of being not the life on earth with your siblings, parents, children, the “I” the intangible and a glimpse of what the KNOSIS IS AS ATTENTION ITSELF. You realize the attention its self is it/ You recognize the self is the consciousness that was looking for yourself. So Jesus talked about the misunderstood mostly, he said, “The kingdom of heaven is in you.”. So many languages sky and heaven is the same word so the dimension of spaciousness and translate it into modern terms. So where is the kingdom of heaven and he said , “The Kingdom of heaven does not come with signs to be perceived.” The kingdom of heaven is within you. So he is pointing to something you can never make it an object of consciousness. A thought becomes a dissolved again sense perception or an emotion to be there? What enables it to be there without the light of consciousness. For example, you can doubt it but the Sages, and Mages may assist you question your dreams and experiences but there is a dream like quality. We can argue whether Descartes says, Is there anything I cannot doubt” Obviously if we see atomic structure we can see obscure atomic structures and molecules in the science way of thinking. Ah, so “I think therefore I am” So end of thinking is not to be found through thinking and is in the deeper truth of not in thoughts of “WHO ASCENSION I AM “ Christ as the Portal of Christ we call the Ascension… The ACE Folklife Story is one of learning what it feels like to be “YOU?” N

Government Secrets About Declassified UFO Sightings … › Culture


Jan 6, 2020 – The U.S. government has been keeping an eye on unidentified flying objects. Here is everything they have been keeping from you.

Are UFOs Real? – Government’s UFO Program – Government … › military › research › go…


Feb 14, 2020 – The government cannot keep its story straight about its involvement with UFOs. After a yearlong investigation, we reveal the staggering truth.

CIA’s Role in the Study of UFOs, 1947-90 › library › kent-csi › pdf




saw serious national security con cerns in the flying saucer situation. The group believed that the Soviets could use UFO reports to touch off mass hysteria and …



New UFO videos every day – UFO News & Video Updated Daily


Become a Member of the UAP.News Community and receive unrestricted access to all content. Huge UFO video collection free! Membership includes Groups, Forums, Personal Profiles.

Antigravity · ‎Argentina · ‎Viviano Vela · ‎Address


Secrets of the UFO – Amazon Official Site


Browse & Discover Thousands of Book Titles, for Less.

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Integrative Medicine Transformation Entertainment

Catalog for Ascension Consciousness Environment Meditation.

Really Listen and Be Present, relax take a few deep breaths and think about who you are and “US” Spending Time Together!–
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