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Ascension Church Ohana, Theresa J Morris Ministries, Ascension Cosmos Oracles TJ Morris ET Radio

ACO Pastors as Clergy of Universal Life and Unconditional Love Invited To Sunday GOTO Meetings online. We share our cyberspace culture community of citizens in our radio ministry. We all recognize the miracle business of our divine creators in the beginning asthe first Infinity Immortal Souls. We all are prophets for our own souls and have a divine connection to a higher power, source, monad. We are those who have had experiences as  Life After Life, and Living in the Universes. How many dimensions do we each feel comfortable sharing in spiritual science? Do you have divine revelation? Do you have a directon in your life planning? What is NOW? Who are we as our first plans to convert our realities? We study and research the source of all creations and how words, as sounds, and symbols become history we pass down to our own children and cultures through the ages, epochs of time. We share that the life you live is the life you teach. We are all students and teachers and decide to make a choice to show up and share the best of our souls. We know there are others who have lived in various other planes, dimensions, worlds, galaxies, universes. We are not about separating but uniting in a common cause to unify our ascension and to follow the ascended masters of the many world  philosophies and religions including science as an empirical belief system of the 39.8 billion years we say we can see and know about in this time frame on earth. Pastor GIGI, Pastor Ken, Pastor Rick, Pastor Marci, Pastor Jason, Pastor Theresa are invited to this panel platform for a discussion on how we can make this life a community of friends in cyberspace. All those who want to become members of something greater than themselves inside cyberspace to connect to "GOOD VIBRATIONS" are welcome. We tend to share motivation positivity for " – LEVEL UP is this years theme for messaging to others in this "GAME OF LIFE". Peace!   
  1. Ascension Church Ohana, Theresa J Morris Ministries, Ascension Cosmos Oracles
  2. Up Level Ascension Cosmos Oracles, Starpeople, ET 5DXperiencers
  3. Ascension Cosmos Oracles, Ascension Church Ohana Love One Another! Sunday 5 E
  4. ACO Directors Ken Johnston, Rick Knight, Theresa J T Morris Talk Metaphysics ; UFOS Disclosure 2021?
  5. UFO Talk with Earl Grey Anderson

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