We at American Communications Online share our Niche Genres and our Spiritual Science Community Journals. We support visual and performing artists. We support our practitioners in our Ascension Center Oracles Network with TJ Morris ET Radio Shows.

We are the original creators of the Ascension Centers Oracles Psychic Awakening Classes in Hawaii and Kentucky before moving our offices to Gulf Breeze, Florida USA 32563.

As of September 2020, We are joined with the Stan and Tera Freese Shows.

Suzanne Wyman-Flynn is our Psychic University Project Committee Chairperson.

Rich Flynn, Artist of the Moment is our ACE FOLKLIFE SOCIETY President as of September 2020!

Suzanne Wyman-Flynn has agreed to assist our Founder/CEO Theresa J Thurmond Morris with our future in our Ascension Centers Oracles Magazine for Body-Mind-Spirit!

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