ACO Club Legal Notice

Legal notice ACO CLUB

This website is published by

ACO Club Press and Information Office

Legal representative
Head of the Press and Information Office of American Communications Online

Postal address
3406 Green Briar Ct., Apt A., Gulf Breeze, FL USA 32563

Online services of the ACO Trade Association

Director General, Communication – UAP.Associates

Digital Communications Office (internet and social media)

TJ Morris Media Publishing Agency – Theresa J Morris

Editorial team, headed by Theresa J Morris, Thomas R Becker, Dave Emmons, Tony R Elliott

Photographers:  If given a release by an ACO Member is given, Credits or open source

Photographic editors
global citizens editorials

Photo credits
Unless otherwise stated all photos have been taken from the archives of the Photo Department of the Press and Information Office of American Communications Online

The digital photo archive of the Press and Information Office of American Communications Online can be found at technical support

Technical support
Theresa J Morris

Technical implementation

Conception, Design, front-end programming
ACO Radio – Thomas R Becker

TJ Morris Agency – Theresa J Morris

Pro Board – TJ Morris Reporter

Content management system
This site runs on WordPress and Linux


All the information on this website has been researched. We make every effort to ensure that the information provided on this website is up to date, correct and complete.

We cannot, therefore, guarantee that the information provided here is complete, accurate and up to date.

The publisher reserves the right to amend and/or cease operating this website at any time without prior notice. The publisher is under no obligation to update any of the content provided on this website.

Users are advised that they access and use this website at their own risk. The Press and Information Office of the ACO Club  shall not be held responsible and accepts no liability for any damage – either direct, indirect or accidental damage, damage that could have been determined in advance or consequential damage – that has allegedly arisen on account of or in connection with a user accessing and/or using this website.

The web site operator accepts no responsibility for the content and availability of third-party websites that can be accessed via external links on this website. The publisher expressly distances itself from any content that may infringe criminal or liability law or that is contra bonos mores.

Access data are stored each time content is requested from this website. That includes data pertaining to the page from which the file is requested; the name of the file requested; the date, time and duration of the request; the volume of data transmitted; and the access status (e.g. file transmitted, file not found). These data are stored and used exclusively for statistical purposes and will on no account be passed on to third parties.

Where users have the option of entering personal business data on this website (email addresses, names, postal addresses), they are explicitly advised that they are on on a voluntary basis.

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