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Digital Council

Digital Connection and Digital Council – Andreas Weigend We watch what happens.

We share an international intermodal cooperation. TJ Morris, ACO, ACIR Brands are use on MADE IN USA. However offering our support online allows us to know we can produce only as much as we can dream.

The future will be what we make it. Our members in the USA are warm and welcoming to learning about how our Heart and Mind work together. Years of being a part of an international community has seen the change in the Top and Bottom of the energy flow.

There may be a major change coming in the way the main 71% in Emotional Intelligence will forge the fire in the future. 95% of all humanoids depend on others in the global community. It is shared that we are going to be more creative in our own smaller communities..

Amazon has Jeff Bezos who is the richest man in the world and has changed the way we do business. He has observed how we do everything and been able to project his future and return on investment with a window of 20 years and for now PIC NIC has taken on some of the small market niche areas that Amazon will not go into due to expense. We will have to ask Jeff Bezos to take his future into space for real.

We all love diversity and have learned that those who live in the middle between the mico and macro levels of all life force we call energy is now being recreated. If energy is everything then energy is everything. We have allowed Amazon to take over the control of our concerns for all and Facebook and Google while being looked at ANTITRUST Google Android and data power and merchants may want to know about business merchants, servers, phones as services and goods.

American Communications Online

American Communications Online ACO News Reporters

Theresa J Morris Ministries dba American Communications Online, ACO Club, ACE Spiritual Science Educators,
TJ Morris Media News Publishing Broadcasting Company – Audio/Video in Gulf Breeze, FL USA 32563
Theresa J Morris Ministries shares American Communications Online as ACO Club for Web Developers.

TMI Associates

TMI Associates will begin Sharing various communications from home.

Theresa J Thurmond Morris shares her future once again as an entrepreneur.

American Communications Online has a Train the Trainer program for guides who assist others with their small business internet remote viewing from their home.

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